Why Choose Ashington Removals Service

Why Choose Ashington Removals Services?

Why You Should Choose Ashington Removals & Storage Services

When you’re moving home there is so much to think about and do and it can all come round really quickly with the things you need to do all coming at once. Choose Ashington Removals & Storage Services when you are moving home or business. We have been in operation in Newcastle and the North East for over a decade and our professional team can help to remove some of the stress involved when you are moving home.

What are the most stressful things about moving home?

Where do we start, there can be so many and they’ll vary depending on the circumstances of each move. A house move that involves a long chain of sales and purchases can be complicated and if there are issues with one it can disrupt the whole chain. A move that involves just one purchase is often quicker and simpler as there are fewer purchases involved and fewer buyers and sellers to accommodate. This is why some people decide to sell their homes and move into rented accommodation whilst they find their next home. You should always put a strict timeline on this otherwise you can unintentionally remove yourself from the buying market if house prices increase out of your price range whilst you are renting.

Our advice would be to use a reputable solicitor for your conveyancing and a business that has been recommended by someone you know is often the best way to go as you know they have used them and had a good experience themselves. Also, look at their reviews before you instruct them with your house sale and or purchase.

Whilst you’re preparing to put your house on the market ensure you have all the legal documents you need and your mortgage has been agreed in principle. Homes all over the country are selling so quickly at the moment that it often takes people by surprise and they can be in a situation where they have documents missing when they need them which can hold up the whole moving process for them and others in the chain, as well as be extremely stressful.

Documents You Will Likely Need:

  1. Proof of Identity Documents showing your name and address. These can be the normal recognised photo ID (driving licence or passport), a utility bill and, or bank statement dated in the last 3 months.
  2. Leasehold/Shared Freehold Documents depending on the type of property you own. If your home is leasehold, you will need a lease and share certificate for shared freehold homes.
  3. Property Title Deeds are your property’s original deeds and show the chain of ownership of your home. If you don’t have them you can check if they are digitally registered with HM Land Registry under your name, or they can sometimes be held by your mortgage company from when you first brought your home.
  4. FENSA Certificates for Windows and Doors supplied by your fitter if you have had replacement doors or windows since 2002.
  5. Replacement Boiler Certificates are needed if your boiler has been replaced by you or previous owners. Gas safety certificates and service records are also required to show the age of your boiler, if it is in warranty and its service and safety records.
  6. Electrical Certificates certifying any rewiring or electrical replacements have been completed by a qualified and certified electrician.
  7. Alterations and Extension Documentation are required if you have added an extension to your property or made any significant structural alterations. They prove to your buyer you had the required building regulation approval and planning permission before the changes were made.

Your solicitor will need these documents when you choose to instruct them to proceed with your move or during the process so it’s best to ensure you have everything you need before you start.

Most people won’t accept an offer on their home unless your property has been offered on, you are in rented accommodation, you are a first time or cash buyer as it means you are able to proceed. Many estate agents now won’t let you even view properties for sale until you are ready to offer due to the housing market being so buoyant.

Things To Remember

Research the area and type of house you are looking for to ensure there are properties on the market that you would consider purchasing and are in your price range
Don’t view houses unless you are in a position to offer. It can be heartbreaking if you find a home that is your dream and it sells to someone who is in a proceed able position and able to offer

Declutter and sort your home before you put it on the market as it will make it more sellable or do it as soon as you have an offer. Conveyancing on houses can take anything from 4 weeks to an average of 3 months and more in some cases, and that time will pass really quickly. You don’t want to move belongings that you no longer want or need, so you should start sorting by room quickly.

Our Moving Checklist will help you understand what you will need to do and in what timelines to prepare for a hassle-free and stressless move.

Choose Ashington’s Removals & Storage for your move in the North East and you won’t be disappointed.

Why Choose Ashington’s Removals & Storage

We will arrange a free survey visit to talk over your removal needs and budget. Our experienced surveyors will provide you with an in-depth summary of the services that we offer and this will help you choose the service that best suits your needs.

We are a highly reputable removals business in the North East and our customers recommend and come back to us time and time again.

We have a team of polite and professional movers who work together to ensure your move runs smoothly and efficiently.

We are highly experienced and have been in operation for over 10 years.

We have our own purpose-built storage facilities on our site and can take any storage belongings to our storage as part of your move if you need it.

We can store any belongings that you don’t need straight away at our secure storage facilities whilst you get settled or decide what you want to do with them.

We have our own fleet of vehicles and will use them to suit the number of belongings you have to move. If you have lots of belongings then we can use multiple vehicles to move them on the day of your move.

We offer a highly professional and efficient packing service which removes the stress and time needed in the weeks before you move packing everything yourself.

Our team will come in 24 hours before you move and efficiently pack your belongings to ensure their safe transit if you choose this as a service.

Every box packed by us is labelled and unloaded into the same room of your new home, saving you time when you’re unpacking and ensuring you can quickly find things when you need to.

We can provide you with strong and sturdy packing boxes and wardrobes that will stack easily. This means you are under no pressure to unpack everything in the first few days of your move, allowing you the time to settle in and decide where you want things to go.

We can take apart and reassemble your furniture in your new home if you choose this as a service, saving you a huge amount of time when you first get to your new property.

We eliminate the worry of how you will get your furniture out of your existing home and into your new one (through doors and stairways) as our team will plan your removal before they arrive. We are experts in knowing the best and safest ways to move large items.

There’s no need to worry about hiring a lorry to move and this removes the worry of having the appropriate driving licence to drive a big enough vehicle.

We load and unload your belongings and furniture for you on the day of your move, saving you the worry of you, family members and friends lifting heavy items and injuring yourself.

Our removal team will ensure you are out of your property at the legal time you need to be as we have the experience to know the length of time we will need to load your belongings.

You don’t have to ask family and friends to help you with your move, as our team will do it all.

Your belongings can be stored overnight at our fully secure site and our team stay with them on the day whilst you are waiting for the keys to your new home.

Your belongings are fully insured by us, against any damages or breakages.

You can enjoy and settle into your new home as soon as you get the keys and spend your time unpacking and getting sorted whilst our team do the lifting and unloading.

Our team removals and support team are always professional, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly and you will be happy for them to be in your home on your moving day.

Our expert services save you time, worry and stress, both in the lead up to your move and on the day of your move.

Our Storage Services & Facilities

Our purpose-built storage facility is second to none and fully secured and humidity controlled so you know your belongings are always protected when they are stored with us.

  • Collection & delivery service available
  • We are fully insured
  • Secure, dry and humidity facilities
  • Short & long-term storage contracts are available
  • Varying storage unit sizes are available and due to our size we are often able to increase or decrease the size of your storage at short notice
  • Stackable storage boxes available to buy
  • Stackable moving crates available to hire
  • Pre-arranged porter-service available
  • Pre-arranged customer collection available
  • Security seals available for added security
  • Document storage available for businesses
  • CCTV, Alarmed and pin access codes for each storage unit