Moving Home FAQ’s

Moving Home FAQ’s discussed by Ashington Removals & Storage

Moving House can be stressful if you’re not organised so planning right from the offset when you have sold or even start to market your house is key.

Our Moving Home FAQ’s will tell you everything you need to know about Removal Services in the months, weeks and days leading up to your move.

How soon should I book a Removal Company when I’m moving home?

As soon as you have accepted an offer on your home and you have had an offer accepted on the home you are moving to then you should start to look for a reputable and professional removal company who can offer you the removal services you need. If you do it last minute then you may not get your preferred removal company and, or the services you need, and you can sometimes end up paying more than you should. You don’t need to have an exact moving date when you are looking for a removal company as when you have chosen which one you want to use you can always give them a rough idea which you can get from your solicitor and confirm the exact date when you have it. When moving house it’s never too early to decide on your removal service and company and having it arranged is one less thing you need to worry about during the process. It also means you can factor in your removal costs to your overall moving budget with no surprises at the end.

When is the best time to move house?

The end of the month and Fridays are normally the most popular times and days for moving home so if you can, always work with your solicitor to aim for a mid-month and mid-week move. Also, try to avoid Fridays which tag onto a bank holiday Monday or school holidays as again these are very popular and busy times.

How do I choose which removal company to use when moving home?

We would always advise you to use a reputable and professional removal company that has a team of removers and a fleet of removal vehicles. Using a ‘one or two’ person removal company means they won’t have the resources to move around and will normally only do one removal job each day so when you have your exact removal date they may already be booked. It also means if they have problems with their vehicle or experience sickness then you can be let down on the day of your move, compared to a larger removal company who will have the resources to move around and will have processes in place and a big enough team to avoid this.

Ask for recommendations from family members or friends and use the internet to search for companies in your area that offer the services you need. Always look for a professional-looking website, good customer reviews and a company who offers a range of removal services dependent on your needs. If you need it, always check that they do nationwide removals if you are relocating, do they offer a full packing service, do they provide packing boxes and equipment, do they offer a dismantling and reassembling service, and do they offer the basic loading and unloading service.

Always remember that the cheapest option is not always the best option and you are looking for a reputable, reliable and professional removal service that will take care of your move so you can enjoy it and settle into your new home quickly and easily.

Questions to ask a removal company

  • Do they have their own self-storage facilities available
  • How long will their written quote last?
  • How many vehicles and what size vehicles will they use for your move?
  • How many movers will be there be pre-move and on the day of your move?
  • Will they supply packing boxes and wardrobes? How long before will they provide them and how quickly do they expect them back?
  • Are they a member of a removal trade association?
  • What insurance do they have, what amount, what is and isn’t covered and is there an excess? Ask to see copies.
  • Ask for a copy of their contract (T&C’s)
  • Do they sub-contract any of their removals work out?
  • Are their staff uniformed?
  • What time will they arrive on moving day?
  • How many will be in your moving team?
  • What time will your belongings be loaded by
  • What happens if you get to your new home and you don’t have the keys?
  • What happens if your moving date changes?
  • What happens if there is an issue with your moving chain on the day?
  • If needed do they organise parking and permits for their vehicles?

It’s important to get everything in writing even if you have agreed dates and times over the phone or at your home survey. Good and professional removal companies will do this as standard and make sure you check their terms and conditions, especially their cancellation policy. Remember to confirm and reconfirm your moving date and time with them and keep them updated throughout your moving process.

Why should I book a professional removal company for moving home?

Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful things you can do in your life so being planned and organised is essential. Family and friends will offer to help, but always remember they won’t be experienced in packing, loading and unloading as well as moving large and heavier items which will be tricky. Also, consider the vehicle that you will need to move your belongings in one go. If you are selling a property and moving to a new home then the legal transaction means you have to be out of your home by a certain time and wait outside your new home until the money transacts through the chain and it’s only then you will get the keys for your new home and legally have access. This can mean it is impossible to do several journeys with your belongings as you won’t have anywhere to store them at your new home whilst you wait for the keys and you go back to load the next load.

A professional removal company will have enough experienced team members on hand to move all of your belongings in one go, in one or several vehicles and they will have the experience to know how long it will take them to load their removal vehicle on the day ensuring you are always out of your old property when you legally need to be.

How many removal companies should I get quotes from?

Our advice would always be to get 3 quotes from different removal companies and ask them to quote for the different services they offer:

  1. Loading and unloading service
  2. Full packing, loading and unloading service
  3. Full packing, dismantling, reassembling, loading and unloading service

A lot of people are pleasantly surprised at the cost of the full packing, loading and unloading service so don’t ask for it to be quoted for, however, the cost of this service v the time and effort it takes to pack your home up in the weeks leading up to your move is often very worthwhile and people who have had this service in the past would never go back to the packing themselves if they ever move again.

How much does a professional removal company charge you for moving home?

It really depends on how much you have to move, if you are moving locally or relocating, and the removal service you opt for. A professional removal company will send an expert surveyor out to your home and they will have the experience to quickly assess how long it will take them for each service, how many people they will need in the removal team, how many vehicles they will need to move all of your belongings in one go and will discuss the removal service options they offer, as well as provide you with a written quote for each service.

How long does a removal quote last?

Always check this with the surveyor that comes out to your home. Professional removal companies will give you a copy of the T&C’s and most will offer a 3-month price guarantee from the date they quote. As long as nothing has changed dramatically on the day of your move, like the number of belongings you have, where you are moving them you will pay what you have been quoted.

What happens if I live on a busy road and there are access issues when I’m moving home?

When a surveyor comes out to your home they will assess access and ask you about any other concerns you may have, they will have the experience and know-how to get around any of this and will normally talk to you about them without being prompted when they visit. Also, always think about any access issues you may have at your new property and talk to your surveyor about them. If need be they will visit your new property to assess and plan this for your moving day so there are no surprises.

Access issues can include; no driveway, no driveway and a busy road, a narrow driveway and, or steps up to the entrance.

Professional removal companies surveyors will be experienced with all types of moves and will be able to offer solutions for any concerns you may have.

How should I prepare for moving home?

Always try and declutter as much as you can before you move so you aren’t paying for belongings to be moved that you no longer need or want. Clear out the main rooms in your home, your garage, your loft, your shed and your garden as everything will need to be moved and the more belongings you have the more costly it will be. Try and sell as much as you can on free selling sites and local Facebook pages and if the items don’t sell then offer them for free so you don’t have to take them to the tip. Often charities are looking for furniture items and will come and collect them for free. Always remember that just because you no longer want or need something it doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who doesn’t.

If you are packing yourself then don’t underestimate how long it will take you and start early. Plan the days and times when you will pack each room and only leave out the essentials to pack in the days or day before your move and this will save you a lot of time and stress in the weeks and the days leading up to it.

Always focus on the packing by room rather than the moving itself as your removal company will take care of that for you. When you’ve packed a box label it as the room you want it unloaded into, leave it in the room and your removal company will do the rest.

Empty your freezer out the week before your move and plan when you can eat most of the food as it will go to waste otherwise. Give yourself at least 48 hours for your freezer to defrost and 24 hours for your fridge. Most removal companies will disconnect and reconnect standard connections for washing machines, however, they will be unable to disconnect and connect gas appliances and lighting so you will need to plan and arrange this before your move day if you are taking them with you. also remember they will need to be reconnected at the other end as well.

Always pack a moving day box including any essential items you will need on the day; kettle, mugs, tea bags, coffee, milk, toilet roll, tea towel, dishcloth, washing up liquid, car keys, important documents, valuables, medication, phone charger and anything the children may need which will keep them occupied.

Do removal companies supply packing boxes when I’m moving home?

Professional removal companies will supply boxes and cardboard wardrobes for your move. The boxes will be the same sizes, strong and sturdy, making them easier to load and unload and they normally ask you to contact them in the weeks after your move when you have finished unpacking so they can come and collect them. If you are packing your own belongings then pack by room so they can be easily unpacked at the other end, don’t overload them, pack heavier items at the bottom, use bedding, towels and furnishing to protect valuables and always clearly label your boxes by room so your removal company know which room to unload it into. Use suitcases to pack items in as this will save space in the removal vehicle. Also ask what wrapping materials (boxes, paper to wrap valuable and fragile items and tape) are included in your removal quote, when they will be delivered and picked up, and if they aren’t included how much they charge for these.

Do I need to empty wardrobes, chest of drawers & cabinets before they are moved?

Check this with your removal company when they come out to quote as this can save you a lot of unnecessary packing. If there are fragile items in a cabinet then these will always need to be packed separately, compared to a filing cabinet which may be able to be moved with all its contents in.

Should I empty clothing from drawers?

Not always, so again ask this when your surveyor comes round. Always remove, wrap and pack anything fragile and if the drawers are particularly large and, or heavy then they may ask you to partially empty it ready for your move day. Good and professional removal companies will supply wardrobe boxes for hanging your clothes in and this saves you a huge amount of time folding, packing and unpacking clothes at the other end.

Will I need to dismantle beds and furniture when I’m moving home?

This all depends on which removal service you choose. If you are doing it yourself then dismantle everything you can and you won’t need in the weeks leading up to your move and leave the bed frames and essential items until the day before, or the day of your move. If your removal company is doing this for you then the day before they will dismantle everything you don’t need and normally bed frames and they will come in on the morning of your move and do the rest.

Always discuss this with the surveyor when they come out to your home to quote so you know what you need to do and when.

Will a removal company empty a loft?

Most removal companies won’t empty a loft unless there is access via stairs and it is fully boarded so always ask this when your surveyor comes so you can plan it into your own moving schedule if not.

Is there anything a removal company won’t move?

Professional removal companies are always open and flexible to what they will and can move so always ask them at your survey time. Normally they won’t be insured and for safety reasons they won’t move any hazardous or combustible items like propane tanks, paint and firearms so always check this with them.

Will a removal company move garden items and plants?

Yes, this should all be planned into your removal quote when they come out to survey your home so always be clear with them that you want it included.

What should I look for in a removal quote when moving home?

Your quote should include information about the work they will carry out, when, with who, how, total cost, payment schedule, their Terms & Conditions and details about insurances and liabilities.

Do I need to have everything packed and ready?

If you have chosen to pack your belongings yourself then it should all be ready to go when the removal van arrives on your moving day so your move isn’t delayed.

How will my furniture be protected when moving home?

Sofas, armchairs, tables, mattresses and some other goods will be wrapped to protect them whilst in transit, your removal company will also have a supply of removal blankets in the vehicle to wrap and protect furniture and other items.

What happens if I need to wait for keys on my moving day?

If you don’t get the keys for your new home straight away and your removal company don’t have access to unload then some will charge for any waiting time so always check this when they quote and check what their T&C’s say about it before you book with them.

What if I need storage for a while whilst I am moving home?

A lot of removal companies have their own secure self-storage units on their site and if you need storage whilst you move then its a really good idea to book with one that does as they can incorporate moving the items as part of your move. Good self-storage will be secure with CCTV, alarmed, offer individual access to your unit, dry and have 24-hour access. They will have different size options available and be able to increase and decrease the size of your storage as and if you need it.

Are there certain items which you can’t store in self-storage?

This will vary by provider however, most self-storage units don’t permit anything living, perishable or flammable and this includes oil or petrol in any tools that you have.

About Ashington Removals & Storage

Ashington Removals is a family-owned and run business and we specialise in home,  office and commercial removals.

At Ashington Removals you can rely on our removal experts and equipment to make sure your move goes smoothly and without any hitches. We know there’s no such thing as a “standard” house move so we adapt our products and services for your requirements.

We offer various removal services and adaptability on the quantity of work that you want to do yourself when moving home. Our complete packing and moving service enable you to leave your removal to us, or you can pack your belongings on your own and we will load, move and unload them for you on the day. If this is the moving service you decide to go with we can supply you with boxes and clothes storage containers before your move to help when you are packing.

Ashington Removals Free Survey Visits

We will arrange for one of our trained surveyors to visit your home to go over your moving needs and provide you with a free competitive removal quote. Our expert surveyor will provide you with an in-depth summary of the services that we can provide, talk over your removal requirements and budget, as well as estimate how long it will take to pack, dismantle load and unload when they have surveyed your home and belongings.

Our Self-Storage Facilities

We have our very own purpose-built storage space facilities which are fully alarmed with 24- hour CCTV cameras in operation. The security of our client’s items in storage is vital to us and our storage facility is located on our own premises and is a secure distance away from any open public access.

Advantages of Choosing Ashington Removals

  • Every item will be packed and wrapped, helping you save time and effort prior to your move
  • We can come in 24- 48 hours prior to you moving, so you don’t need to go without your belongings in the weeks leading up to your move
  • Every box is labelled, packed and unloaded into the same room of your new property, saving you time when you’re unpacking your boxes
  • We can take apart and reassemble your furniture in your new property so you can start unpacking your boxes straight away without having to worry about furniture
  • We eliminate the worry of how you will get your furniture into your new home
  • There’s no need to organise hiring a lorry which removes the worry of you having the appropriate driving licence to drive a larger vehicle
  • We load and unload your packed containers and furniture for you, saving you the concern of lifting heavy items and injuring yourself
  • Our knowledgeable team will make sure you are out of your property at that time you need to be as we always know the length of time needed to pack and load
  • You don’t have to ask family members and friends to assist you with your move
  • Some of your belongings will be stored overnight at our protected site and our team will stay with them on the day between you leaving your existing home and receiving the keys for your new one
  • Your belongings are fully insured against any damages or breakages
  • You can unpack your boxes in the days after your move and we will come and pick up the empty containers at a convenient time for you
  • You can enjoy your new home on the day that you move in and spend time getting things unpacked and set up
  • We can store any size items at our secure storage facilities whilst you get settled and decide what you want to do with them at a later date
  • Our team are remarkably knowledgeable and work carefully and efficiently and we don’t sub-contract any of our work
  • Our expert services will save you time, worry and stress, both before, on the day and after you move

If you are Moving Home in Newcastle or anywhere the North East and are looking for a trustworthy, reliable and professional removal service then give us a call on 01670 810289 and we can answer any queries you may have or organise a free home removal survey at a time to suit you.