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Here at Ashington Removals; we are a removal company with over 10 year’s experience in removals and we are here to help you with your move and make it as smooth as possible. We offer advice and cater to individual needs and also provide a full packing and unpacking service. This is key in ensuring that your move is not hindered by unexpected circumstances and that you can fully enjoy the wonders of moving into a new home. For some, moving can be a daunting process and we will endeavour to make the moving process easy and effective, giving you the peace of mind you deserve whilst moving into your new property. With a fleet of 6 vans and lorries build to specification, we will ensure that you can move to your new home or accommodation effectively and with ease.

For more information on removal company and removal services in North Shields please visit Removal Company in North Shields or phone 01670 810289

Best Removal Company of North Shields

Removal services in North Shields by Ashington Removals

Items being damaged are potentially one of the biggest fears that individuals have when moving and this is why we treat every individual item with care and ensure that they are protected when in transit. Our packing team hand pack and wrap every item and delicate items such as glass are handled with extreme care and attention. We also will pack everything for you which eliminates the hard and stressful work of packing each item that you require to be moved. Our removal supplies that we use with our removal service ensure that there are a variety of shapes and sizes covered instead of the ‘one size fits all’ standard moving box that other companies use. We understand that certain objects need to be packaged differently to ensure that they don’t get damaged. In addition to this; our boxes are very reasonably priced ensuring that you can enjoy this service at no additional costs. We also offer Ashington Removals cardboard wardrobes which can be used to transport clothes and shoes with ease. Just put your clothes into these wardrobes and seal them and they will be protected when the move takes place! You can even use these after your move as wardrobes as they have a large capacity holding up to 32 thin hangers with clothes.

Best Removal Company in North Shields

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Our removal service in North Shields is perfect for ensuring that your move is quick and stress-free. We will take the necessary steps to keep all of your possessions safe and sound as well as ensuring that they are never at risk on the move. This is extremely important to us and we will ensure that all of your items are treated with care and respect. We have a large amount of experience in removals and will always advise you and guide you within the moving process. If you are interested in finding out more about our Removal Company in North Shields or call 01670 810289

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