Let us do the packing


  • Full Packing & Un-Packing Service
  • Professional Packing Team
  • Fully insured
  • Polite & Professional
  • Decades of Experience
  • Let Us Take the Strain and Stress of Packing

We can pack your entire office or household if you don′t have the time or inclination. We advise clients on what is best suited for their individual needs and even provide a full packing and unpacking service to make the process of moving easier and stress-free. Our products are of the highest standards and we assure our clients that we will handle their belongings with the utmost care. Our professional team of packers will wrap your items individually and with care, protecting valuable china, glassware or delicate treasures with specially designed boxes and packaging materials. When we look at a property our experience allows us to accurately estimate how long we will need to pack everything securely and safely, which gives you the peace of mind that you will be fully packed and loaded when you need to be on moving day. Let Ashington Removals take over the tiresome manual labour of moving, allowing you the time and luxury to enjoy the excitement of a new home or commercial move.

Our moving boxes and moving supplies are prepared for effectiveness and built for ease. Unlike other moving supply and box companies, we do not issue one standard moving box size. Our storage boxes all come with lids and are easily stackable whilst being nest-able when empty so you can unpack your belongings without having boxes scattered everywhere. Our pre-configured moving packs for your house, apartment, college, home or office contain a variety of large and small boxes, plus bubble wrap packs, markers, sealing tape, labels and more. Whether you are moving a dishwasher or a dish, plates or palletized goods, Ashington Removals has the moving supplies you need which are reasonably priced.

A high quality double walled packaging box designed especially for clothing, has a closing door and a top which can be sealed for extra protection. Ashington Removals Cardboard Wardrobes come complete with a strong plastic rail to hold even heavy garments such as suits or coats. It is invaluable for saving time on your packing – just lift clothes out of your wardrobes and put it straight into it. You can also store new shoes and handbags in the bottom of each Wardrobe, when you′ve finished with them why not use them for storing winter coats or clothes you don′t need right now? Holds up to 32 thin hangers with clothes. Half size of standard single wardrobe, but less in height.

Moving Box – CMB 1

Double wall means reusable, recommended & suitable for heavier items, fragile items, smaller appliances, books, records, cds, videos, etc.

Moving Box – CMB 2

Double wall, suitable for general packing and storage – Larger household appliances, electrical items, crockery, toys, linen, clothes, shoes etc.

Archive Document Storage Box

Suitable for files, document, folders etc and keeps contents free from dirt and dust. The attached lid folds snugly over the rim of the box and can be taped shut if required. Precut hand slots allow for easy carrying.

Bubble Wrap (S)

Bubbles usually have diameter of 20mm and a height of 7mm. Ideal for protecting most items against damage including frames and mirrors.

Bubble Wrap (L)

Made from tough micron polythene. Being flexible helps bubble conform to the shape of your product; large bubble is particularly good at protecting furniture, larger items and filling voids. Can be cut and resized for smaller items accordingly.

Your Moving Options

When moving home you have a number of options in the type of move you have and the services that could be offered by a good removal company.

These are ideas for the removal services you could have. There is no such thing as a “standard house move”. Every move involves two different properties as well as people related needs.

Our company offers several removal alternatives and adaptability on the amount of the project you want to do personally. Our extensive packing and moving solution allow you to leave your removal to us. Or you can pack your possessions yourself and we’ll load, move and unload them for you on the day. If this is the moving solution you are going with we can provide you with cardboard boxes and clothes storage containers a few days before your move that can assist you when packing.

DIY Removals

You may choose to complete every little thing yourself, which include; packing within the 2 or 3 weeks leading up to your move, taking apart home furniture, loading and driving your own vehicle to your new home or property. If you opt to choose this option, you will have to be very organised and have enough free time in the weeks ahead of your move to successfully can get all this executed. If you have a car or small van to transfer your belongings then you will have to make plenty of trips from the old home to your new one and remember, if you’re in a ‘buying chain’ then this is simply not a viable option. You will need to be out of your home by a specific time and you often don’t get the keys to the new place for a few hours after this because the funds transferring inside the chain may take a significant time.

You don’t need a remoal company for a DIY move – just a lot of time and patience.

You Pack, We Move

You’ll be able to pack your belongings and dismantle your household furniture yourself in the lead-up to your move then employ us as a reliable and reputable removal business to do the rest; load your possessions, drive them to your new home, wait outside the house whilst the chain completes and you obtain the keys, then unload everything in your new home. Using a specialist removal business means that your personal belongings are loaded into a small number of lorries and they’re going to be clear of your home prior to when you lawfully need to be. Your personal belongings are then stationed outside your newly purchased property with a removal crew and are secure and safe till you have access and the house keys.

We Pack & Move

We will come the day before you move and they’ll wrap and pack your belongings. They will come back the following day to load everything into our removal lorries, drive to your new place, wait around outside the house until you obtain the house keys and then unload everything for you into the rooms you would like them in. This selection takes the strain away from moving in the weeks prior to moving day as you don’t have to worry about having the time for you to wrap and pack just about everything. Additionally, it means that you continue with your daily life without boxes around you and you can put your hands on everything that you need at any time, as it’s not already packed.

Complete Done For You Move

In addition to the packing service above, our expert team will take apart your household furniture the day before you move (leaving your beds and bedding for you to use the night before). They’ll then come in on the day of your move to dismantle the last pieces, load up and once you get in your new home. They unload and put your household furniture together again, ready for you to unpack your packing containers.

This is the 100 % removal services and really makes the weeks prior to and the day of your move stress-free. If you add together the time it requires you to pack yourself and dismantle pieces of furniture in the weeks before your move and on the day, it’s the easiest and most reasonably priced removal service you can consider.